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-Happy 1st year Mr. & Mrs. Wilson-


April 15, 2013

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You know the people that you wish you could live next door to and see every single day of your life?  That is how I feel about Lindsay & Jonathan!  Love you guys!!  Here’s to MANY forever’s to come!!

 Q. What’s the best thing that has happened to you as a couple since you’ve been married?

A. It’s hard to pin down one best thing, we’ve had a lot of blessings this past year! Both started new jobs, have taken great trips, and we still wake up every morning loving each other- even on the not-so-loveable days

Q. What is quirkiest thing that you have learned about each other since you have been married?

A. LW- Jonathan is really easy to scare and he makes the most ridiculously hilarious facial expression I’ve ever seen. I die laughing every time. It never gets old.
JW- Lindsay keeps all of her food on her plate separated. Nothing can touch.

Q. What is the furthest destination you have traveled to together this year and tell us about it.

A. Tahiti!! We are in Moorea right now and going to bora bora next week.

Q. What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer newly weds?

A. LW- greet each other every day when you get home. Truly stop what you’re doing and acknowledge your man when you see him for the first time after a long day at work.
JW- ask about each other’s day, talk about what’s going on and greet each other with a big hug and kiss after being gone all day.

Be sure and relive their sweet day here. & their day after session here.

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