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-Happy 1st year Mr. & Mrs. Simcox-


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What a magical year it has been from afar for these two!!  Joe and I LOVE you guys and are sooooo thankful to be parts of your beautiful lives!!  Here’s to the next awesome 100 years to come!

 Q. What’s the best thing that has happened to you as a couple since you’ve been married?

A. We bought our first house! We have had a lot of fun learning to paint, garden and the joys of being homeowners. We have really enjoyed turning the house into our home and look forward to spending many years in it together.

Q. What is quirkiest thing that you have learned about each other since you have been married?

A. Amy: Steve loves homemade guacamole and would make it for every meal if he could.
Steve: Amy is very orderly. She must have cabinets shut, doors open, and toilet seats down.

Q. What is the furthest destination you have traveled to together this year and tell us about it.

A. We just got back from an early anniversary trip to the beautiful Key Largo! We took a roadtrip from Indiana to celebrate the wedding of dear friends in Clearwater, and then drove down to the Keys for some sunshine and relaxation. We did a little bit of snorkeling, took a day trip to Key West and spent countless hours on the beach soaking up the sun. Since we drove everywhere, we also got lots of quality time in the car together – a total of 46 hours, to be exact! It was a great roadtrip and the perfect way to wrap up our first year as a married couple.

Q. What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer newly weds?

A. Figure out your spouse’s love language(s), and strive to speak that language to them every day. Learn your own love language, and share it with your spouse so they know how to best love and serve you. Also, make quality time with each other a priority. You will never regret it.

Be sure and relive their sweet day here.

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