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Happy Valentine’s!!

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February 14, 2014

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It’s Valentine’s day, and for whatever reason many people either fall in love with the day or hate the day and all that it could possibly mean.

Take it or leave it…either way it is Valentine’s day and many celebrate love.

Love of friends, love of family, love of a special someone in their lives…or how about love of yourself and the materpiece God made you to be?

Cheesy?  Maybe?!?  But who cares.

Did you know that there are so many things that we hate about ourselves?  Including me!

I hate my nose and the fact that it keeps getting bigger and will continue to get bigger as I grow up.

I hate my tiny eyes…the way they are set on my face, the way they seem more sunken back into head after all the lack of sleep Joe and I have gotten in the past 6 years. (aka…since the birth of our first born)

I hate the fact that my skin has gotten worse with age in spots and pimples…seriously?  I did not even wash off my makeup back in highschool and my skin was immaculate back then.

I hate the wrinkles I am developing and the fact that makeup just magnifies them.  Wrinkles ALL over my face and down onto my neck.

I hate my double chin…something I have always had.

I hate my massive calves and the fact that I have a hard time finding boots that fit.

I hate, I hate, I hate…the list goes on.

Are there things that I could do to make all these things disappear?  Yes.  But why should I alter the aging process or alter what God has created?  That would be like one of our son’s taking one of my paintings on the wall and going over certain aspects of it because he is embarrassed of it hanging on our wall.  And that does not even come close to the amount of hurt God faces, because it’s not like I am in LOVE with that painting…it took major amounts of my time…but I did not create it and craft it for knowing and loving me back.

You know?!?

So how about it people…how about you take some moments to just love yourself today.  No matter who you are.

In a relationship, out of a relationship, in a break up or never been on a date.

How about we all write down the things we hate about ourselves and then remember that God created each one of those things in you and on you.  He made you perfectly unique.  Not one of us is the same.  How incredibly creative is that?  How masterfully genius is that?   Love it.  Love that.  Love who you are.

So today…I celebrate me.  I celebrate the fact that my eyes squint up when I smile.  I celebrate all the wrinkles all over my face because I smile all too much.  I celebrate the balding spots that have never gone away since giving birth to my three sons.  Sometimes I hate them…I will probably always struggle…but today I am declaring battle against that struggle and thanking God for how He created perfectly and only me.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

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And the amazing girl who brought me out of my shell and has a very special place in my heart…Miss. Betsy…how amazing are her pictures?!?  Be sure and visit her site here.

If you want to join us on our next creative outing together, let us know…these are becoming a frequent in our lives.

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