"You never know unless you try"
This is my motto in life, and one that you will hear me say at least once when you hang out with me. A fear of failure is something I do not own. I love trying anything I can ever since I met my amazing husband, Joe, and he told me to find my passion and do it every day. 

I now have a passion. A passion for my amazing husband, my amazing boys, my amazing friends, pretty much every amazing person that has been put in my path. We know that this walk is so short, this walk is only temporary, but this is my walk and it will be one that is glorifying and different. One that impacts, no matter how big or small that impact may be!

I consider it an extreme honor and blessing to be a part of this epic time in your lives.  You become a part of our family, and I hope to become a part of yours.

the face and motto behind kelly hornberger photography

Meet kelly

After two visits to Paris and the French countryside I am hooked.  I'll take any and all of what France has to offer.  Oh and I'll take some London too.  Don't mind if I do!
Who wants to whisk away with me and marry your love in Europe?

J'aime la France

I am completely surrounded by the opposite sex.  My husband, Joe, our three sons, Jake, Brock & Holt & our two MALE dogs, Dirk & Denver.  In our house I have more smelly boys, dirty laundry & nerf guns than I care to admit. 

I have 3 sons

Take me to a meal, and I am already thinking about and talking about the next meal.  I LOVE trying out a new place every time we go out.  At one point in my mom-life I thought about the crazy idea of culinary school...like I said...it was a crazy idea.

I am a total foodie

It sometimes blows my mind that we still reside in one of the flattest places in the world...and Joe and I cannot get enough of hiking and mountain views.  Who knows where we might end up someday, but for now we visit our mountains more than yearly and that will do.

I love the mountians

I literally have been known to double fist the two.  Sad, but true.  But is that really sad?  I am a total coffee snob.  You can ALWAYS find us trying out locations ALONG with their coffee shops.  And is there such thing as an afternoon snack without rosé?

COFFEE & rosé all day

It is now something I am so glad I have a degree in and knowledge of, but something I was not ever passionate about.  But, hey, everyone has to start somewhere, so I am pretty dang thankful that was my starting point.

i used to be an interior designer

Thru and thru.  I love my amazing state of Texas and the incredible people that call themselves Texans.  Yes, I have Texas Pride and I am not at all ashamed of it.

i'm a texan 

Growing up family vacations were always in the summer and always to somewhere new.  I LOVED that.  It put in me a huge sense of adventure and travel.  I am 100% always up for a trip...you name it and I will make it my mission to go!

i adore adventure

Not at all sure what it is, but I LOVE me a meaningful and movement inspired blurry photo.  I LOVE allowing the viewer the opportunity to use their own imagination to tell the story captured.  There is something so magical in a beautiful blur.

i have a thing for blurry

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