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galveston engagement photography -amanda + nathan-


May 5, 2011

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Another day on the island that you will have to take a seat for.  These couples are just way too cute and way too awesome to narrow anything down.

Meet Amanda + Nathan.
Highschool sweethearts who are now tying the knot and I don’t think that any of their friends or family could be any more excited for them.
Hello to one stunning lady and her handsome man.  I loved watching these two.  Of course they are incredibly comfortable with eachother, they have been around eachother for quite some time.  But the thing I loved the most was the confidence Amanda had around Nathan and the way that Nathan had a sense of protection around Amanda.  I am sure they have no idea that they were giving off those vibes, but that is so much more fun about what I got to see.  So incredibly sweet….so incredibly comforting.
Galveston has been a regular stomping ground growing up, so it was the perfect spot for some running around on the strand, playing in the seaweed, kite flying and bike riding.
A great evening for an awesome couple.


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