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September 19, 2011

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It was a crazy awesome weekend of fun, friends (new and old) and rejuvination.  I am so stinking thankful for Claire in my life, who I was able to drag away from her precious time with her hubs, Aaron, and hang out with dorky me all weekend in Chicago.  I also could not have done any of it without sweet Joe staying behind and watching the boys…SUPER DAD!! I sure do love that man!! We took LOTS of pictures of some AMAZING families and got in some great hang time doing things like shopping, eating, and dreaming about the future.

chicago photographers

We also got to sit in on a Second City show on Friday night and sat front and center.  It was so fun to see some really great actors do their thing making us laugh…some of which might be famous someday.  We also got called out by the actors, being picked on in a way that we could have never imagined.  The guy on stage posed as a TSA agent and was “trying” to figure out random people in the audiences names, locations they were from…etc…then he swung around to Claire, guessed a couple things wrong on her to “throw us off” and then began to run through insane details on her life in fastforward without taking a breath….then he jumped over to me, right next to her, with some more insanity about myself….CREEPY!!!  I guess we put a little too much of our selves on the internet these days…but I’ve got nothin’ to hide and really it did make for one interesting skit…real enough for people to ask us afterwards if we were in on it all along.  It was impressive the speed with which he rattled off crazy details about each of us.  If you have not been to Second City…you have to check it out here.

Anywho…we are back in the swing of things now, so call us if you need us.
We love you all…thanks Chicago…in our very own way: a fun video post:
a couple things I now know about us……Claire is HI-LARIOUS…I am not as flexible as I used to be…wet hair does not work in videos…we like to take pics and vidoes of ourselves ONLY when we have no make up on or look like a wet dog…people think we’re crazy…we love Chicago…

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