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April 3, 2013

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The light streaming through the widows of The Four Seasons made Kristi glow.  Her beautiful details layed out so perfectly awaiting her to adorn them. Her perfectly placed lipstick matched her perfectly placed smile.  The whole morning was perfect.

Gerry dressed with his boys across the street and gracefully adorned his bride’s sillouette on his cuff links.  He was nervous, he was anxious…he was so excited to marry his love!

From the picture perfect church to the picture perfect bridal party to the picture perfect reception set up…the whole day went picture perfect.

Claire and I had THE BEST time getting to spend our night with these beautiful families.  Thank you Kristi & Gerry for the awesome opportunity to be blessed by your sweet day!

Some of Kristi & Gerry’s memories from the day:
Q. What was your favorite part about the wedding?

A. My favorite part was when the church doors opened and I saw everyone waiting for me to walk down the aisle! I wanted to greet everyone right away. In that moment, all of the excitement hit me that I had my favorite people in one place. I was also so happy to know all that was left between me and making it official with Gerry was a simple walk down the aisle.

Q. What was one quirky or crazy thing that happened on your wedding day?

A. The unthinkable happened! My stepfather, who has been in my life since I was very young, had been ill the week before the wedding. He tried to shake it off but didn’t look like he felt very great at the rehearsal. Sure enough, he landed in the hospital that night. I found out Saturday morning that they weren’t releasing him and he would miss the wedding. At that point, so many things were set into motion that it felt like “the show must go on.” I didn’t quite know how to react or feel. We had a few other last minute cancellations from friends, so I got the idea to scratch a table and asked my coordinator Sydney to see if she could rent a dance floor on the wedding day. She made it happen and got me the white dance floor I wanted from the beginning (we chose not to have it for space concerns) and I reorganized about four tables while my hair was being done to make it all work! Truly, I just had to realize some things were out of my control and make the best of it.

Q. What was the most special moment on your wedding day?

A. The most special moment was the first look. We almost didn’t get to do it because the guys’ driver got lost on the way to the church! Fortunately, we had just enough time. I often pictured what it would be like in the moment, and the thought was always so surreal. In the moment, however, it felt very real and normal. It was so great just to have a chance to get on the same page as Gerry, take a deep breath, and talk about each of our days leading up to the ceremony. When I saw him at the altar, I already knew he loved my dress and I could just focus on the ceremony!

Q.  Did you do anything yourself?

A. I ended up with more projects than intended but fortunately had a lot of help! Gerry and I both had paper jobs at one point – he sold commercial printing and I worked at a stationery design company. With his creative input, I designed every piece of stationery we used besides the map. One of my letterpress printers gave me a great website – – where I ordered a ton of blank labels and tags. I did wraparound mailing labels for the save the date, invitation, and reply cards. I printed place cards, escort “tags” and the favor bag labels. My Dad and Stepmom Nancy took on the spray-painted maraca project, and Nancy’s friends tied the escort tags onto the maracas, stuffed the favor bags, and the welcome bags. It was way more work than I meant for it to be!

Q. What do you look forward to most about being married?

A. Adding Gerry to my insurance and doing taxes together?? Jk, jk! We have been together about six years, so I thought it wouldn’t feel any different after the wedding. I have found that I actually feel closer to Gerry now!! Saying those words and making that commitment in front of our friends and family really does mean so much. I am just happy we have the chance to spend our lives together and help each other accomplish our goals and dreams!

Q. Where do you hope you will you be as a couple in five years?

A. Oh man – who knows?!? We bought a home together before we got married, and we already have a dog… so really, I think both of us are looking forward to moving our careers forward and taking some great trips before we add to the family. We also have the hope of living a more pedestrian lifestyle at some point, so finding a way to make that happen is on our radar. We’ll see!!

In the words of the bride: -vendor love-

Venues: St. Martin’s Episcopal, The Grove

Dress: Paloma Blanca

Tuxes: Al’s

Planner: Sydney Mafrige – Keely Thorne Events

Cakes: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Make-up: Kristin McDaniel

Bridesmaid: Joie

Flowers: Johnathan Andrew Sage / Posey Floral

Music: Mariachis + Roadside Libby + DJ Ray Ortiz

Second shooter: Claire Miranda

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