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Eric & Katie -she said yes-


May 8, 2013

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There are some relationships that just HAPPEN to find eachother.  This one between me, Katie & Eric is one that I am SO thankful for.  A couple who’s light shines so bright.  A couple who change all they come in contact with…including me.  My life is richer now because I have them in it and get to watch their marriage bloom and grow into something that impacts all those around them.

Their story started simple…and in a way that makes me smile when reading Eric’s words…

“I had noticed her at church and saw her leaving the early service as I was going to the late service. I noticed she was walking with some other people I knew and so I said hello to them and introduced myself. They then told me they were going to breakfast so I invited myself to tag along…even though it made me about 10 minutes late for church. Afterward, I found plenty of excuses to hang out with her and get to know her better, such as helping her and her roommates move in, or helping plan a ski trip she was going on.”

Styling: Kate Edwards

Hair/makeup: Trishia, Winx Lash Studio

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