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Brittney & Jonathan -she said yes-


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Every story has two sides:

“We were reintroduced at a potluck dinner. Later that night, I planned for people to go country dancing and Brittney grabbed me for a dance. August 25 at 5:30 pm, I sent her a friend request and we met for dinner for our first “unofficial” date.” – Jonathan

“A mutual friend came over and introduced Jonathan. I got nervous and sort of turned my body back to Jonathan’s roommate. Immediately, Jonathan gave me an ear full about social cues. Later that night, I had been invited by a friend to go two-stepping, not knowing that Jonathan had organized the whole thing. I soon realized that he was the best dancer in the place and, swallowing my fear, asked him to dance. He again reminded me of my bad behavior, but obliged me anyhow. Afterwards, I lost my nerve, gave him a high five and ran.” – Brittany

Luckily Jonathan persisted and pursued and now they begin their happily ever after.

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