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November 11, 2017

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I can still remember before I had the amazing opportunity to go to France almost two years ago for photography I prayed a prayer of “Lord.  may this trip not be about photos, but about you and who I get to meet”.

Welp…God doing what He always does, answered those prayers and I met some of the most amazing souls on that trip, many of whom, through the help of social media, have become sweet sweet friends.  And one of whom I get to see and celebrate her birthday this upcoming weekend in CA after I shoot a wedding.  I am so excited to get to tack on an extra day to hang out with this amazing woman!  So today I am thankful for a few things: amazing long distance friends who have become one of my people, an incredible husband to help carry some of the load while I am gone,  amazing friends who are stepping up and helping us with boys as well, and an awesome weekend in beautiful California.  Thank you Jesus.

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