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5 Ways To Display Your Photos


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Now that you have them in your hot little hands, it’s time to think about ways to display your photos! And, honestly, there are so many options that sometimes people get overwhelmed and they end up stuck in a loop of indecision for months or longer. After we put so much of our hearts and energy into your photos, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to display them, so I’ve put together my five favorite ways to display photos!

Fine Art Album.

This one is, hands down, the best way to get a broad selection of your favorite photos printed in one place so you can take them with you and show them off to everyone! It’s also a fantastic way to make gifts of your photos for the people you love the most (hint hint: think gifts for your parents, grandparents, and your besties).

Canvas Prints.

Nothing says, “We LOVE this photo so much!” like a big, beautiful, professional canvas print hanging on your wall for everyone to see. The quality and variety of canvas prints available these days is amazing, so finding one that fits your style and budget is easier than ever.

Large, professional quality canvas wedding prints are displayed against a brick kitchen wall showing ways to display your photos

High-quality Professional Framed Prints.

If you are the type of person who loves to frame photos and hang them all over your walls, consider ordering some professional prints. The best thing about prints is that you can display all your favorites, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, in different rooms in your house so you’ll see them everywhere you go! I like to think of them as little reminders of big love in every room.

A wall of framed portraits of a bride and groom at their wedding reception, showing how easy it is to display your photos

Collage Walls.

Many pro printers offer the opportunity to showcase and display your photos (anywhere from 3-15) in a large number of different configurations. I confess Collage Walls are my favorite because I can order collections of similar photos (such as Getting Ready shots or Ceremony Shots or First Look shots) grouped together and display them in different rooms or along the hallway in a sort of storytelling sequence. I love the professional and polished look a collage wall presents.

Collage wall showcasing an engagment session by Kelly Hornberger Photography in acrylic prints

Fine Art Metal Prints.

In a word, WOW! The clarity and quality of metal prints never ceases to amaze me. Even when they are across the room, the detail in them stands out and really draws the eye in. Metal prints can be on the pricey side, but if you want to display your photos in a way that takes people’s breath away, Fine Metal Art Prints are definitely the way to go.

fine art metal print of same sex brides , back to back, holding hands with their heads together and eyes closed.

Whatever method you choose to display your photos, I’m absolutely positive you will be happy with your choice! After all, you’re going to love them no matter how they are presented because they already ooze your love and happiness.

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