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happy anniversary baby


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welp…today marks 14 years….no, this is not an April Fools joke. The hotel was definitely available on this date, so we decided to snatch it up.
It’s too perfect of a date, I believe.

Last night Joe overheard our boys talking:

“they got married on April fools!”
“do you think they are really even married??”

No one I would rather do this absolutely insane life with…I love thinking back on our wedding day every year….remembering the sounds and the smells and the moments. And honestly…the thing I always remember with so much joy, besides marrying the coolest guy I know…is our getaway car…we allowed our friends total freedom to decorate Joe’s car however they wanted…and boy did they kill it. You know you’re jealous….just imagine all the amazing honks and yells we got driving this bad boy down the street to our hotel. It was a night I will never forget.

I sure love you Joe Hornberger! Here’s to 14million more.
And hopefully a much better celebration for 15, wink, wink.

(if you know, you know)

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