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Display Your Memories with Wedding Photo Albums

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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Photo Albums

One of the questions we get asked most often during the booking process is, “Do you recommend doing a wedding album?”, and our answer is always YES!

I am a hug proponent of displaying your beautiful wedding pictures, and gorgeous heirloom-quality wedding photo albums allow you to do just that.

I definitely recommend framing some of your favorites, but while you may only have room for 10-20 framed photos, you can select 100+ to be included in an album!

Read on for everything you need to know about ordering yours.

Variety of wedding photo books with different colored covers

Personalized Wedding Photo Album Details

What is a Wedding Photo Album?

A wedding photo album is simply a beautiful book, personalized with your names, wedding date if you choose, and filled with photos from your best day!  It can absolutely be a thought of as a wedding coffee table book, as these are cherished heirlooms, meant to be on display, looked through, and shared with your loved ones.

And even though we most often create them from wedding photos, you can absolutely choose to make an album of engagement photos, bridal portraits, boudoir photos, or whatever other type of event photos your gallery may contain!


What Are the Sizes and Which Size Do You Recommend?

You can choose from two different sizes:


(Shown above with tan linen cover, “Vivian & Jack”)


(Shown above with black leather cover, “Bailey & Tanner”)

If either of the above sizes are ordered, you may also order an 8×8 Duplicate Parent Album, which will be an exact copy of your final design but in a smaller size.

(Shown above with the light blue leather cover and inlaid photo).

Our clients order a pretty even split of 10x10s and 12x12s.  The size is based entirely on personal preference, and the final design will not actually vary.  Both books come with the same number of standard pages and typically feature the same number of photos.  Choosing the 12×12 allows for the photos to be slightly more spread out and a little bigger than in the 10×10.


How Many Photos and Pages Are Included?

Every album, regardless of size, includes 15 “spreads” which is the equivalent of 30 pages (1 “spread” = 2 pages).  Think of it as if you’re opening the book and laying it flat on the table: the left page + the right page equals one spread.

As a guideline, I recommend selecting 100- 150 photos.  This amount normally makes for a really beautiful layout that does not look too crowded.  However, if you absolutely love more than 150 photos, I can easily accommodate that by adding extra spreads to your design!  Extra spreads are $100 each and are billed after the design is finalized and before it ships.

Open wedding photo books on table

How Does the Design Process Work?

Once you have chosen which size you want and submitted payment, you can sit back and relax while I create your design!

I will let you know as soon as it’s ready for review, and then you can log into a portal, look through everything, and leave comments with any suggested changes.

I offer 3 rounds of free revisions per album.

After all revisions have been completed and you have given final written approval, I will ask you to confirm your shipping address and will place the order and have your beautiful wedding photo album delivered to you!

Wedding photo album cover color choices

Multiple wedding photo albums stacked next to flowers

How Long Does the Process Take?

Delivery times vary depending on our wedding and event schedule, and how quickly you and I are able to make revisions and finalize your design, but generally speaking you can expect to have your album in your hands within 6 months of your wedding or order date.  Of course if you need it rushed, please let me know when ordering and I will do my best to accommodate.


Who Do You Use to Print the Albums?

Every album is professionally printed and beautifully packaged by Red Tree Albums, and each package includes care instructions so you can help your album last for multiple generations to come!

Wedding photo album care instructions

Can I Just Design My Own Wedding Photo Album?

You certainly can, BUT, what I know from past clients who thought they would design their own albums is that life got in the way.  They got busy and didn’t have the time, and they found the process to be overwhelming when they tried to start.

You’ve already trusted our team with the memories from the most important day of your lives, so consider using our eye for design and allowing us to save you the time and stress of creating a beautiful wedding album, too!


Is There a Time Limit on Ordering?

No!  You can order an album at any point after receiving your photo gallery.  Some clients have come to me after a few years ready to order – it can be done any time!


Are you ready to talk about ordering your heirloom wedding photo album? 

Reach out to us HERE to chat about starting the process and for pricing!

This Garden Inspired Houston Country Club Wedding and this Elegant Floral Wedding at Lakeside Country Club both turned into stunning albums!

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