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June 1, 2011

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wow.  talk about an incredible story.
How do I even start?  First of all, you might recognize Brady from about 20 months ago.  I was so honored and blessed by being able to spend the day with him and his sweet baby girl, Chloe and take some newborn pictures and just sit and listen.  The reason I felt more blessed than any other session before was the fact that the time spent there that day was to honor Chloe’s sweet mama, Sarah, who had passed away from her fight with cancer just a couple weeks prior.  I am sure that many of you loyal readers can remember the amazing story that Brady journaled through his blog here.  And if you are new here, or you don’t remember…get some time, pull up a chair and read….and be so blessed by the incredible life that Sarah lived while here on earth and even more through her sickness.
It was such a neat deal to be able to reconnect with Brady almost 2 years ago, who I actually hadn’t seen since highschool.  It was also so fun getting to love on his Chloe.
Since that time I have been able to keep up with his story and journey in life through his blog and facebook and even getting to see him more for family pictures around Chloe’s 1st birthday.

Then fast forward about 6 more months and there was a sweet blog post about a gal named Jenny Wims.  Turns out Brady had been praying to eventually carry on in life and remarry.  He asked to remarry with another widow so that lives would be understood and there would be no jealousy or misunderstanding.  Jenny emailed Brady during these prayers, Brady got her email and knew as soon as he read it that she was going to be his new bride in life.
And by that same token, Jenny had read Brady’s blog 20 months ago when he was struggling through death and in that moment knew that he was going to be her new groom.
I get chills…everytime.
However the story goes…that Jenny didn’t feel lead to email Brady until about 18months later to offer only a hand of support and nothing more.  You see…Jenny was a widow as well, who had lost her amazing husband, Brad, in early 2009 to disease.  If you want to be blessed again…pull up a chair and read her incredible blogs through life here.  What an awesome woman!

Jenny and Brady have have the most incredible and some of the hardest journey’s through this life.  They have lost spouses.  They have had to raise children as single parents.  And they have got to be some of the most amazing people I have ever gotten to spend time with.  Brady- the cool, calm and patient father who has blessed so many through his devotion to Jesus.  Jenny- the girl who could be anyone greatest friend with the best smile in the world and amazing mother of two.  They met, they dated and last weekend they got married and I literally do not think I could be more joyful for another couple.  All praise be to God.  Though it is and has not been easy for anyone involved, He has be exhaulted through death and has shown His amazing comfort and healing in life.  So, I ask why wouldn’t you be a follower of Christ?

So, there you have it.  After all that has been thrown around in life, I got to take some time and spend it with:
an awesome man.  and awesome woman.  their amazing kiddos.  a beach.  sweet pictures.  good times!
*stay tuned for an incredible wedding day*


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