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will we be as courageous as superman?

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super man

What a roller coaster of emotional two weeks it has been around here.  I am tapped out.  So bear with the lack of a post today.  I had a really long one of emotions written out, but I cannot bring myself to post it.  Please just keep our family in your prayers.  I know that is vague, but we do appreciate any HUGE decisions to be made to be lifted up in prayer…because He knows that we do not want to make any of them without Him.

Hope yall have amazing weekends.  It’s an awesome double header over here…so lots more incredible weddings comin’ atcha next week!

And, just because I couldn’t resist…here are some fun pics.  Brock is OBSESSED with Superman right now…good timing kid…because Lord knows…we sure need to be as brave as Superman right now!

IMG_1004super man1

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