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halloween fun -a giveaway-


October 25, 2011

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The bride of Frankenstein sure did have some style, whites + blacks, lightning bolts, crazy make-up, (etc)…so in honor of Halloween and our pure love of fashion here’s an October giveaway that we cannot wait for one of you to win.
All you have to do is comment with your BEST halloween costume…you even get MAJOR extra points if you email us a pic:
I KNOW we have some AWESOME halloween-ers out there with some incredible costumes from years past or even this year…so get to commenting…we can’t wait to pick out what we consider to be the most creative.
You have until tomorrow at noon when we will pick our winner!!

october giveaway2

Check out this stash:
Essie licorice nail polish, adorable white flower headband, awesomely soft white scarf, handmade frame with Halloween art and a handmade flower magnet to make your fridge so much cuter.
(handmade items by Shannon, a newcomer to the office…stay tuned)

october giveaway1

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