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January fun -a giveaway-


December 26, 2011

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OMG…Y’alls Family traditions for Christmas ROCK!  We have some amazingly blessed readers…and are soooo thankful that you all shared such sweet one’s with us…might even copy some of them…hope that’s ok. 🙂

IT WAS SOOOO HARD to pick, but we decided the lucky winner to be all wrapped up in some Gold Kate Spade is:

So girl…send us the address we can mail your prize to…we cannot wait to get it there for some New Years Bashing!

A winner has been picked…BUT…this also now means:

It’s that time again…our Sweet Shannon has come up with another totally AWESOME giveaway.

Now it’s time for a something everyone loves to get when it’s the turning of a new year, and who would we be if it wasn’t an awesomely cute at that?

So this month we want to give one lucky reader Shannon’s steal of a find
-Vintage Barbie Calendar-
Printed on amazing watercolor cardstock with BEAUTIFUL watercolor painted barbiedolls.
That goes perfectly on ANY wall adoring ANY type of decor.

january giveawaybarbiebarbie calendar

You’re actually lucky we didn’t just keep this for ourselves…ADORABLE!

So…tell us this:
Your New Years Resolution that you keep all the way through last year.

We all have them…but did you keep it?  We can’t wait to hear it!
We will be hosting another competition with our favorite 3…so get to commenting!!
We’ll be picking our three on Thursday and then the contest will happen on Friday, so get your resolutions in by Wednesday night!!

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