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February 17, 2012

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I get to see behind the scenes things like this…a comparative picture of our Brock and his namesake, Brock:
You name your kid Brock…you know he’s gonna be “a Brock”
We just LOVE these kids:


And because of SPECIAL little emails from you all and AMAZING little notes left on my desk from the incredible girls I work with:

IMG_6502 copy

I hope you all have incredible Friday’s and SPECIAL weekends.
We are off tomorrow with Tangerine+Mint and The Lemon Tree to Vegas for the HUGE WPPI convention…I’ll be working, but forgive me if I seem a little distant.  We will be returning Tuesday and resume office hours on Wednesday the 22nd.

Wish us luck…what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas…and you know how WILD I am…(riiiight)


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