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-Happy 1st year Mr. & Mrs. Gilen-


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Honduras.  On top of a mountain.  Dancing late into the night.  A STUNNING group of people.  A couple that we ADORE.
Happy Anniversary you two!!!

Q. What’s the best thing that has happened to you as a couple since you’ve been married?

A. Everything. Waking up and finishing up our day together. There has been ups and downs in learning to live together but I love to see how we make everything work and balance everything out.

Q. What is quirkiest thing that you have learned about each other since you have been married?

A. We both sleep in opposite directions which makes it extremely difficult to sleep “romantically”. we may fall asleep cuddled up but wake up on opposite sides of the bed facing different directions!

Q. What is the furthest destination you have traveled to together this year and tell us about it.

A. Las Vegas. I promised Majelle that I will try all my best to start every year with a getaway trip. It was just nice to see how we packed our stuff together, how we shared luggage, getting around together and all those small things.

Q. What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer newly weds?

A.  Take it slow in trying to figure each other out. marriage is a process and you have the rest of your lives together, dont rush into understanding each others mentality. Listen to each others hearts and emotions, they speak louder than any words ever will.

Be sure and relive their sweet day here.

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