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Lindsay and Jonathan’s wedding blog could have been forever long.  The day was filled with so many special moments it literally has taken me forever to sit down and put together this post, the task has just seemed so daunting.  Between the moments between parent’s of both the bride and groom and their kiddos, the special jewelry given with significance from generations past, the flying hawk outside of the hotel window watching over the girls getting ready, the perfect amount of cloud coverage and a perfect peak of sun over the beautiful ceremony and their vows, the BEAUTIFUL bride and her HANDSOME groom and all the friends and family that love them oh so dearly.  It was incredible to be in the presence of such greatness.  Joe and I had THE most amazing time getting to be at a ranch just outside of Austin, TX for the day that Lindsay & Jonathan became husband and wife.

Some of Lindsay & Jonathan’s memories from the day:
Q. What was your favorite part about the wedding?

A. Lindsay: Too many special moments to choose from! Seeing Jonathan at the end of aisle, saying our vows, our prayer circle, the last few minutes alone with my dad, seeing my brother right before I walked down the aisle … but I digress!

Jonathan: For me it was saying our own vows. It made it so personal and really allowed both of us to say exactly what we were committing to each other. That and also the first time I saw Lindsay. I was anxious and sweating and then when she turned the corner and I saw her face it all melted away. It was the most incredible feeling to see her walking down the isle. After that, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Q. What was one quirky of crazy thing that happened on your wedding day?

A. Lindsay: The first thing when I woke up, there was a letter from the hotel management under my door with the first line saying that my car had “been in accident in valet”. Turns out my car hadn’t actually been IN an accident, but the valet had run over my car key and the car wouldn’t start. To make a long story short, the hotel ended up towing my car to the dealership to fix it…

Jonathan: The worst part of the story above is that I forgot (until about 30 minutes before I was about to leave) that my shoes were in the back of the car when they towed it, so they had to send out a driver to try and get them. They handed them to me right as I was getting on the bus. Because of all of that, about 15 minutes into our bus ride, I remembered that I forgot the rings. Luckily I was able to talk the hotel into letting a friend into my hotel room to get them out of the safe. I was nervous for awhile though.

Q. What was the most special moment on your wedding day?

A. Lindsay: Being named as husband and wife!

Jonathan: Kissing Lindsay for the first time as my wife. I had been looking forward to her being mine for so long, and that made it official.

Q. Any special details you would like to tell us about?

A. Lindsay: My family did so much! My sister-in-law, Katie, and my brother, Frank, are insanely talented; Katie MADE all of our monogramed table runners and Frank designed our very own logo, all of our menus, programs and signs at the reception, my dad made wooden directional signs and my Maid of Honor, Melissa, made our welcome bags! I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many generous and creative people!
We also framed pictures of the two of us that we put all through out the reception.
I made our guest book: a collection of family recipes and pictures that involved cook offs/food/dinners out on the town/tailgating/etc and blank pages to sign.

A. Our prayer circle during our wedding ceremony was really important to us. We had a big wedding party and we didn’t want the focus to be on 25 people standing up at the front but about Jonathan and I and our vows to each other; at the same time, we LOVE our friends and family and wanted them to know they play a part in our wedding and our marriage. Our prayer circle was the perfect compromise – it was unique, it involved our dearest friends/family and was a charge to them and a time to be surrounded by everyone in prayer and support.

Food was really incredible and Barrington was an amazing DJ. We danced our butts off.

Our rally towels were a blast and a complete surprise for everyone(except jonathan and I)! dual purposes: wipe off all that sweat from dancing and cool take home gift

Q. Where will you be as a couple in five years? Hopes, dreams, kids, etc.?

A. Lindsay: yes to all of the above! We definitely want to start a family but before then, we hope to continue to enjoy our careers, travel a lot and experience life as Mr. and Mrs.

Jonathan: I don’t think it will look a lot different than our life now except for our kids…and hopefully a bigger house.

Q. What do you look forward to the most about being married?

A.  Lindsay: Spending the rest of our lives together, growing and learning as a couple and seeing what God has in store for us as Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilson.

Jonathan: Knowing that I get to spend every day of the rest of my life with the person that God made perfectly for me.

In the words of the bride: -vendor love-

Venue: Kali Kate

Planner: Gina Whittington, Clink Events

Wedding dress: Enzoani

Shoes: custom wedding cowboy boots & Bagdley Mischka for the dancing

Makeup: Kandy Glass with FaceKandy

Bridesmaids: Ann Taylor

Groom: Bill Walker Clothier

Flowers: Prive

Cakes: Classic Cakes by Lori


Stay tuned for their AMAZING “day after” session & beautiful rehearsal dinner!

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