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Stylin’ Lady America


July 4, 2012

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So if you follow me you know, I LOVE fashion.  And if you follow me you also know I have been able to do some pretty awesome styled shoots over the past year or two.  So it has now become a challenge in my head to come up with stuff totally out of the box, totally pushing my artistic boundaries, totally not conforming to what the “industry” says I should be doing….and I LOVE that…


Meet Brittany…AKA…Lady America…the most AMAZING woman superhero out there…no only can she save the world with the power at her finger tips, but she can pull off some AMAZING fashion while doing it…and might I say she sure cleans up well too!

Lady America is here to save the world from destruction.  She is couture in every sense of the word.  Her custom designed red gingham skirt is her uniform as she travels to and from danger and disaster.  This same skirt carries her into being the lady of the everyday-ordinary world.  Her costume boasts of red, white and blue, the colors of America The Brave, that we celebrate on the 4th of July.

She is beautiful.  She is strong.  She carries herself effortlessly thought any situation.

She is Lady America

And who would Lady A be without her trusty minions?!?

Styling: The Lemon Tree

Skirt collaboration and awesome seamstress: Shea Marie Designs

Hair/make-up: Majelle Diamond

Skirt Inspiration: Vogue Magazine

Happy 4th of July everyone!!  Hope your holiday is filled with grilling, fireworks, parades, watermelon, Popsicles and whatever else American’s love to do on their patriotic holiday.  I am so thankful for the land of the free!

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