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November 9, 2012

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It’s been a good 6 months worth of amazing blogging that I have yet to get caught up on.  Some AMAZING weddings, BEAUTIFUL bridals and ADORABLE engagement sessions.  In that midst of time though there has been a lot of travels, no school days, days that I NEED to JUST be a mom & Joe needs to be a dad,  and stints of impossible ways to get work done on my blog because of CRAPPY hosting (don’t EVEN get my started on that one).  Not to mention the fact that I HAVE to take times to shut off for the sake of my marriage to Joe and us remembering to just date and hangout with eachother at night instead of get work done.

Also, within these 6 months I’ve been taking a stab at doing every aspect of my business on my own (and Joe’s help too, of course).  It’s been so awesome to have so much more client interaction and really be able to know EVERYTHING that goes on…it also has, in turn made my blog suffer, because that is the one thing I feel I can let go of when it comes down to it all. I have learned in these past 6 months that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it all.  I’ll write more on that later this year.

I am so bummed and soooo hope to get back on the saddle in the next week or two and knock it out of the ballpark through the rest of the year….I love showing everything off…Please do not for one second think that I don’t.

You guys have yet again ROCKED my world this 2012.  I am so thankful for each and every one of your encouraging words, your support in reading the blog and your trust in hiring me for your incredibly special days!

Lots of awesome learning has happened this year…I cannot wait to explain more of it too in the hopes that one of you might be touched by God’s works in my life and in your life now too…but for this week in time I am and editing, emailing and back of the business fool around here.

Check back with me next week???

PS.  Love my cousin Katie who shot Claire’s sister’s Colorado wedding with me here…thought this picture might bring a smile to your face 🙂  (yes Claire got silly string for her sister’s exit…EPIC…and just one of the MANY awesome weddings yet to share)

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