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Lauren & Chris -she said yes-


February 5, 2013

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“My favorite thing about Lauren has been her smile. It was the very first thing I noticed about her, and I still feel so good when I see it. I don’t exactly know what it is, but something about it just works for me. She sparkles when she smiles. It’s incredible.” – Chris

Seriously?!?  I know I am going to LOVE a couple when the groom is the one who talks about his bride like that.  An open, honest and vulnerable man…those are hard to find.

Lauren and Chris, and their crew of pups, spend the day with me in between the rain and puddles.  We had the best time showing off who they are…a couple who loves to laugh together, be with their sweet pups and spend any amount of time just being with eachother.  There was no problem getting them to be the sweet loves that they so easily are.  The leaves fell.  It was like a Houston fall…only in January.  But it was a beautiful backdrop, something perfect to lay around in and enjoy the clouds.

Styling: Kate Edwards

Hair/makeup: Winx Lash Studio

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