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-Happy 1st year Mr. & Mrs. Prochaska-


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It was a cold one, but a beautiful day non the less.  So thankful for the beautiful marriage of these two and excited that this 1st year is just the first of MANY glorious years to come!!

 Q. What’s the best thing that has happened to you as a couple since you’ve been married?

A. It’s really hard to pick one thing….We got a puppy!!!!!! Family friends gave us a black lab puppy when wed been married 6 months.

Q. What is quirkiest thing that you have learned about each other since you have been married?

A. We had never shared a bathroom together. Living in a one-bathroom bungalow leads to many quirky facts being revealed about the other. Who likes to sing, who likes the door open and who demands it be closed, who spits toothpaste on the sink and who wipes it off each day….

Q. What is the furthest destination you have traveled to together this year and tell us about it.

A. We went to Africa to dedicate a house that friends & family raised money to build in honor of my dad! We went with Family Legacy Missions and spent a week in Zambia working at a camp for orphans. The country has literally millions of orphan children and we were able to share the hope of the gospel with them – it was an incredible experience! We learned a ton about ourselves and each other. We definitely recommend some kind of mission trip for any couple together!

Q. What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer newly weds?

A. Drew says, even when you’re arguing or mad at each other, take a step back and realize you still really love each other. Courtney says, find someone who is way too patient and nearly perfect and somehow trick them into marrying you. Then you’ll be set!!

Be sure and relive their sweet day here.

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