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The amazing Majelle and her creative hairstyles!


February 11, 2014

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majelleSo some of you may have some hot plans for this Valentine’s day…or you might not.¬† Either way how much fun is it to learn about ideas for new hairstyles and how to execute them??

Let me introduce you to my amazingly talented friend, Majelle!!

Last month sweet Majelle and I thought it would be fun to play around together with hairstyles…and I thought it would be more fun for yall to see it on a non-model…aka…me.

So take it away Majelle…the master of hair…girl’s…be sure and check out the amazing Majelle here.


hair style 1 shootSTEP BY STEP:

Start off by curly your hair to give it some texture and body.
Next…split the hair in half and add some more texture with a dry shampoo.
Then…start to tease the bottom area of the hair and create a ponytail, Note: you can create a low or high ponytail depending how high you want the updo to be.
And…start pinning creating a messy bun
Then….secure the hair on the top just like you will do a half ponytail, now make a parting above the elastic and create a “piggy flip”…like the “topsey tail” back in the day.
Finally…with the hair that is left from the piggy flip you will roll it and secure it with a boddy pin making sure it blends with the messy bun.

hair style 1


hair style 2 shootSTEP BY STEP:

Start off by parting the hair into a ” headband parting” meaing half of crown

Then…tease the crown area and secured it with bobby pins
(To add a sparkling touch for the holidays we are adding a fun headband)
¬†Next…with the pieces that we had in the front we are going to twist them to the opposite side and secured with a bobby pin
Then….continue doing this step until we get to the nape of the head. Now we will brake the hair in half and twist going down.
Finally…you will roll it up and secure with a bobby pin

hair style 2


hair style 3 shootSTEP BY STEP:

First…Start off with a really high ponytail
Next…Tease all the hair in the ponytail except for your longest pieces, if you have your hair in layers, if not just leave one section of the hair on the side.
Then…start securing the tease area with bobby pins create a messy bun
And finally…With the piece that you had left wrap it aroung the bun with hair pins.

hair style 3

Hope this inspired…have fun creating girls!!

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