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Brittney & Jonathan -i do, i do-


January 27, 2015

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Some of Brittney & Jonathan’s memories from the day:
Q. What was your favorite part about the wedding?

    A. Besides getting to marry my best friend? (Because that’s a given!) I loved getting to have all of my friends and family from all over come together. A lot of my bridesmaids had only met once or twice before the wedding and some not at all. I loved seeing my friends become friends with each other and the time we spent together was so special.

Q.  What was one quirky or crazy thing that happened on your wedding day?

A. There were several crazy things that happened on the wedding day and some I am not allowed to share with the general public. I know some nameless fraternity brothers of Jonathan decided that a mounted ferret from the men’s bathroom at Ant Street Inn needed a night out on the town. With our engagement pictures looped around their necks (thanks, guys) they took several incriminating photos with said ferret throughout the night. Don’t worry, he was returned the next morning, only slightly worse for the wear.

    Q. What was the most special moment on your wedding day?

   A. Again, aside from marrying Jonathan? During the reception, after our Best Men and Maid and Matron of Honor had given their toasts, my dad asked for the mic. He is a man of few words and as an attorney, sometimes those words have a tendency to sound a little tougher than he may intend. But that night, he gave the most beautiful, heartfelt message to Jonathan and me. It was everything I’d always hoped to hear him say.

Q. Did you do anything yourself?

A. I have some of the most amazing and talented people in my life! My mom poked holes to ping pong balls and added hundreds to several strands of Christmas lights. We used these inside by the dance floor and it added so much to the area. She also did most of the silk floral arrangements (above the arbor where we were married and in the pots around the grounds). She also did all of the real flowers. (Along with my sister, Ashleigh and a few of my mother’s friends.) They also did the hors d’oeuvres and the champagne punch. My friend, Heather and her husband are the real stars of the DIY show. They made the free standing vintage inspired doors that I walked through to go down the aisle. Heather also made all of the signage and was the mastermind behind decorations. Anything trendy or cute at the wedding is because of Heather Darr. The only thing I personally really did was the invitations… hand stamped the gold detail. Designed, printed, and cut the paper. Heather did all of the addressing (thank you, my dear!) and I recruited a few friends to help me tie bows and stuff the envelopes.

   Q. What do you look forward to most about being married?

   A. Lazy Saturdays. And not having to say “goodbye” at the end of the night.

Q.  Where will you be as a couple in five years?

A. I always laugh at this question because I’ve looked back on my life each year post college and life has never gone the way I thought it would have. God has taken me on a journey from Houston to California to France back to Houston and now He has given me a partner to journey with me. I think kids are definitely in our future. Outside of that, we will trust the Lord for the next step!

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-vendor love-

   Venue: Ant Street Inn, Benham, TX

Planner: Heather Darr

   Wedding Dress: Badgley Mischka

Bridesmaids: Jessica Simpson

Suits: Jos A Bank

  Flowers/Decor: Momma and friend, Debbie Hohman

Cakes: Christi Tugwell

DJ: Tyler and Leslianne Newberry

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