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10 ways to get out!


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Let’s get out yall!  It’s so so hard.  Working moms, working from home, working for someone, working for yourself…you name it…it is all relative and it is all hard to make the time for ourselves and feel energize and inspired.  So yesterday I took a couple hours of my day and instead of getting work done that NEEDED to get done, I went to the Fine Arts museum, had lunch in their café (alone) and walked around looking at my favorite pieces of art and even took moments to just sit…still…and enjoy the perfectly placed art, no fingerprint walls, complete silence and was refreshed.

I literally could have done that for another 3 hours…which made me realize I dod not do this enough.  I always forecast for it in my schedule, but then I do not ever actually make it happen!  When push comes to shove I push that out of the way and I keep working, or add another task to the list and try to tackle that.

Depressing yall!  So…when I asked yesterday on my insta-stories what inspires all of yall and ways that you GET OUT and get refreshed, I had some amazing answers that I am going to share here…BECAUSE of the other people who actually wanted to know what your answers were.  Literally…I had just as many of yall asking what the responses were to this question as I did responses.  Which made me realize….we all suck at doing this for ourselves and I need to post this, just so that more of you can feel inspired as well.

So here it goes…10 ways that people refresh:

  • Go to the local park with some Trader Joe’s snacks and hang out.
  • Long walks OUTSIDE with gospel music
  • Go to the park and just watch the trees in the breeze (barefoot…I added that one in there)
  • Roll the windows down, play the music LOUD and sing even LOUDER!
  • Take a roll of film or even the iphone and go take random pictures that you would NEVER take any other time
  • Buy some cheap $ bin brushes and paints and paper and paint OUTSIDE
  • Go for a super leisurely bikeride with no destination in mind
  • Go to the beach, lie on your back and listen to the waves
  • Museum sitting
  • have a shaving cream fight, roll in the dirt, just get dirty of some sort and laugh LOTS!
  • Plan a trip, or just up and go on a trip
  • Get up early and sit in the silence
  • Write a note of encouragement and drop it at a friends house or in a mailbox

I love them all, and yes…I gave us more than 10…and I hope to try them all.  How about you?  Tell me…if there is something that isn’t listed here that you do…inquiring minds want to know!  And if you do get out and do one, or more of these…tell me what you thought!!  I LOVE stories of victory in this…it inspires us all on!!


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