our beautiful mess.

December 5, 2017

Currently surrounded by so much mess I just needed to look at some pretty things to help me feel at peace.  We are finally getting thru some of the messy work we started after Harvey hit.  We have some amazing guys here working on sheetrock and painting and turning our house back into our home again.  I could not be more thankful.  I can’t even wait.  We have knocked out some walls we have always talked about, repurposed rooms and are updating some light fixtures.  Joe and have always known it, but learning all the more how extreme opposite we are.  I LOVE change…I NEED change…change gives me life…and Joe…well…he hates it…and honestly he fears it, something the Lord has really been throwing in his face and forcing him to work through.  So we have learned how to turn these extreme opposites into so much good.  Things like not knocking down every wall in our house all at once, like I would have done…but also, on the opposite end, movement…not, not ever doing anything to improve the home we have been blessed with.  Marriage is all about teamwork.  Our saying these days “go alone, go fast…go together, go far”.   With so much that has happened in the past 3 months to our family that motto has never been more relevant.  We CANNOT go alone…and if we try to, it will surely not be living up to the amazing potential the Lord has dreamt up for US.

As many of you probably saw yesterday, our sweet 14 year old Dirk had to be put down.  We knew it was coming, but after the 2017 we have already had we were hoping for a little bit of a break in the storms.  I can so relate to Job these days…not that we have lost everything, but there have been moments when my perspective feels that way or my mind plays tricks on our grief.  A desire for a break.  For a little bit of a season where life is not heavy all around us.  The necessity of hermit-life has been the calling on our life at this time.  I am thinking we will closing out 2017 in this same manner.  We feel like the Lord is calling us to rest…to build up….store up…dream up.  I look forward to the day when I can say we are running full steam again, but that is not this time.  And I have learned to be ok with that.

What is the Lord teaching you these days?  What are you reading?  Learning?  Loving?

Such a beautiful season of cozy cuddling, sweet traditions and family.

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