Christmas Boudoir Bookings

November 6, 2018

So I have decided to do something a little different this year…

for all my amazing friends and brides. 

Currently I am booking two week days next week down at The Hotel Icon in Houston.

(see attached flyer for all the details)

The ladies of Sunkissed and Madeup will be available for certain times during those two days in the room.  

They are offering hair/makeup for a discounted rate of $165.  If you are interested in that let me know upon booking so I can fill you in on the times they will be available.


These sessions are half off my normal session prices, because I love the idea of this gift for your incredible men.  Blow them away this Christmas!

Don’t just buy them another flannel shirt…let’s really surprise them!!

Also…offering sessions that you and a friend can actually book together….NO…not posing together…hahaha, but being able to be there together and make things a little more fun and less awkward, If you feel that way.  Friend sessions are actually even more discounted, if you want to make it a friend date and we will schedule double the time with that booking. 

Respond ASAP…spaces WILL fill up fast!!!

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