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Engagement Sessions Series Part 2: Logistics


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Some of the most important parts of your engagement session happen before the session itself!

I want nothing less than stunning photos that capture your relationship as perfectly as possible, and that means that time and location matter!

Logistics: What You Need to Know

-We mostly photograph engagement sessions on weekday evenings so the weekends can be dedicated to photographing weddings.

-We love shooting at gorgeous locations. We recommend one location for engagements. A general rule of thumb is the more locations and outfits, the fewer images, but the more variety you’ll have.

-We do sunrise sessions, too! We require sunrise shoots for those who want to take portraits in a very crowded location like the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC or The Brooklyn Bridge.

-We love to travel to our shoots! However, if we have never been to your desired location, we may need some advice on where to park!

Suggested Start Times

Now that you know how to get yourself ready, next we’ll give you some ideas for how to help your man feel comfortable on engagement session day!

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