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Engagement Sessions Series Part 3: What to Wear!


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“Is it true that you’re never supposed to wear patterns for photos?”

“How many outfits should we bring?”

“What kinds of accessories photograph best?”

Engagement session outfit choices is something I get asked about all the time. It totally makes sense because every bride wants to look and feel beautiful in all of your photos, and, next to your wedding day, the photos from your engagement session will probably be the ones you display and see the most.

I want to help set you up for success! Choosing outfits should be fun, and the result should be a reflection of your personalities. That can feel like a big task, but don’t stress anymore!

Here are my top 7 tips for putting together fabulous outfits that will help make your engagement session a success, plus some great outfit inspo from previous clients!

1) Patterns are fine but stick with 1 per set of outfits (yours and his), and neutral colors tend to work best.

2) Plan on a max of 2 outfits. Any more changes really cuts into our session time, and I want to get as much time with y’all as possible!

3) I suggest 1 dressy outfit and 1 more casual, and always advise couples to start out in the dressier choice.

4) Choose timeless pieces & outfits that aren’t too trendy and won’t go out of style of make your photos look dated a few years down the road.

5) Go ahead and accessorize! Hats, scarves, fun jewelry, and any other fun pieces that really show your personality are great!

6) Don’t choose anything too low cut, as it limits the number of angles I’m able to shoot from.

7) Get your hair, makeup, and nails done, and have your ring cleaned! These are your first official photos as a couple and you’ll keep them forever, so go ahead and make this a fun experience complete with all the pampering and primping beforehand! The ring cleaning is important too – I like to shoot detail shots of your hand and your beautiful ring!

You’re almost ready!! Stay tuned for one more BONUS post about… to prep your GROOM for the engagement session!

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