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Wedding Day Testimonial: Mary Caroline + Schafer Smartt


October 11, 2019

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I love keeping in touch with my couples, hearing how their day went, what their favorite parts were, how their families felt about everything, and how they’ve been doing since! This is the testimonial I’ve put together for Mary Caroline and Schafer, it’s all the best things about their big day!

PART 1: The Details

Tell me about your wedding day ensemble.

The dress I found was exactly what I had always pictured. It was the perfect dress for a January wedding and was very timeless and classic. I wanted a dress that I wouldn’t look back on in 20 years and ask myself “what was I thinking.”

My veil was my mother’s veil. It has been worn by a ton of people in my family- my mom, my sister, aunt’s cousins, etc. I really, really wanted to wear the veil since it was so special to the family and is so pretty. Originally, it did not work with my dress. Right as I was about to purchase another veil, Carmen at Casa de Novia had the genius idea of turning the veil upside down! It sounded crazy but it totally worked and looked amazing! 

What were your favorite details? What made you think of them?

I know this sounds silly but I tried not to focus on the little details. I let my wedding planner handle that. She knew my taste really well. I tried to stay focused on the actual marriage that was taking place and not the little details, that’s what we paid the wedding planner for! 

I think that it made the whole thing way more special and kept me from stressing out about the small stuff. And of course, things went wrong on the day of. No wedding will ever run perfectly smooth. I just remember thinking “I get to marry the most wonderful man in the world today and as long as that happens, nothing is going to upset me today.” 

What flavor was your cake? How did you decide on a design for it?

Almond cake with cream cheese icing sounds kind of weird but seriously to this day it was the best cake ever. I wanted buttercream and no fondant because even though fondant is pretty, buttercream tastes way better in my opinion! For the design, I wanted something kind of simple. The cake wasn’t a huge focal point for us.

The same went for the groom’s cake but that was chocolate cake with chocolate icing. 

PART 2: The Day

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Oh wow, that’s hard. I honestly think the moment that I walked down the aisle was my favorite part of the day. Schafer and I were so happy to see each other. I’ll never forget it.

In my mind, I remember it as no one else being there except for the two of us. I know that’s crazy but that is how surreal it was! 

Did you actually eat anything at your reception?

Yes! Schafer and I had a quick and special private dinner together as husband and wife as soon as we got to the reception. I knew that it wouldn’t be good if we didn’t actually have a chance to eat.

Plus, it was nice to have a breather alone just the two of us and share our first meal together as husband and wife and soak in everything going on around us. 

Were you nervous? If so, how did you overcome the nerves?

I was really calm actually. I think my dad was more nervous to walk down the aisle than I was! I think I was so excited to be getting married to Schafer that I didn’t even consider the nerves. 

Kelly Hornberger Photography, client testimonial
What was the biggest surprise of the day?

Schafer kept the honeymoon destination a secret until the wedding! He told me at our wedding that we were going to Nicaragua! 

PART 3: Post Day

Any advice for other couples for either on the wedding day or planning?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the big picture — which is that you are getting married. I think a lot of people think so much about “the wedding” they forget about marriage! 

What was your favorite thing about working with me?

You kept me so calm and comfortable. I really don’t love having my picture taken but to be honest, I forgot you had a camera on you several times that day and was able to just relax and live in the moment. I wasn’t trying to pose for photos the whole day. You are also hilarious! 

I can’t thank this couple enough for the support and wonderful words about my work! Knowing that my clients are thrilled with their decision to hire me, and felt comfortable having me capture their big day, means the world! Reading their testimonial was such a treat and I can’t wait to check in with them again in the future and hear all about their life together!

Kelly Hornberger Photography, client testimonial
Kelly Hornberger Photography, client testimonial
Kelly Hornberger Photography, client testimonial
Kelly Hornberger Photography, client testimonial
Kelly Hornberger Photography, client testimonial

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