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Pre-Wedding Events: Boat Charters in the Bahamas

Wedding Weekend

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Will & Claire

Wedding weekend activities have become so popular over the last few years!  Destination wedding or not, couples love doing something fun with and for their family and friends a day or two before the wedding, and just spending some relaxing time together.

As soon as Will & Claire told me they were planning a boat day for their guests, I was IN!

Boats on beach in the Bahamas from above

Pre-Wedding Events: Boat Day!

Part of what this sweet couple loves so much about Exuma is enjoying time on the crystal clear water.  So what could have been better for their wedding weekend than renting a boat in the Bahamas and putting everyone they love on it??

They rented the large catamaran from Da’ Secret Exuma and enjoyed a personalized sign to celebrate their weekend, while they and their guests were treated to hand-made drinks and fun music!

When it was time to stop and get out, the party continued right on into the beautiful Caribbean water, and even the family Frenchies got to join in!

In terms of fun and memorable pre-wedding activities that we’ve documented, this one definitely ranks high on the list!

Bride & groom kissing on boat

Other Ideas for Pre-Wedding Events

We’ve had the privilege of photographing tons of these fun events that kick off the wedding weekend, and we highly recommend documenting them.

Some examples of other activities we’ve captured include: bridal luncheons, yoga classes, fly fishing, and a pajama party with bridesmaids!

Trust me when I say that you’ll never regret having the photos to remember these by, especially because the rest of the wedding weekend tends to get so crazy and completely flies by!

We would love to hear what you have planned and discuss how we might be able to be a part of your pre-wedding events!  I love chatting through things with each of our sweet clients and then coming up with a custom proposal to fit your needs, so please reach out right here as soon as you’re ready!

Group of friends with bride & groom on boat

Bride & friends in clear water in Bahamas

Bride & groom walking in the water in the Bahamas

Couple in clear water in front of chartered boat in the Bahamas

Can’t get enough of the photos from Will & Claire’s gorgeous destination wedding weekend?  Check out their wedding day HERE!




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