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-Happy 1st year Mr. & Mrs. Flaherty’s-


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An amazing year for these two AWESOME lovebirds!!!  Have I said lately how much I LOVE my couples???

Q. What’s the best thing that has happened to you as a couple since you’ve been married?

A. The best thing would have to be living in Abilene (which was super shocking)! It was amazing for us to spend our first year in a city where we didn’t know anyone, so we could really focus on each other. Loved growing together.

Q. What is quirkiest thing that you have learned about each other since you have been married?

A. Patrick- Jen’s high standards on laundry and extreme love for sleep.
Jen- Patrick’s intense car washing.

Q. What is the furthest destination you have traveled to together this year and tell us about it.

A. Cabo, for our honeymoon 🙂 It was special and relaxing!

Q. What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer newly weds?

A. There really is power in prayer. Pray constantly, pray about everything, pray TOGETHER. God ALWAYS provides what you need, when you need it, in His perfect timing. He is faithful! …done preaching 🙂

Be sure and relive their sweet day here.

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