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We’re kind of obsessed with fun engagement sessions around here! Not only are they our first chance to really get to know each other as couple & photographer, but they’re also more laid-back and slower-paced than the wedding day. I love to include engagement sessions in The Wedding Experience because I truly believe that they […]

Engagement Sessions Series Part 1: Helpful Prep Tips


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As we head into what seems like month 37 of social distancing, and many of you may be trying to figure out how to rewrite the plans for your dream day, I found some intimate wedding inspo that I’d love to share with you! Whether you’ve canceled, postponed and are rescheduling, or are newly engaged […]

Gorgeous Intimate Weddings During Social Distancing

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Would you be surprised if I told you that every wedding photographer has a favorite part of the big day?! Surprising, maybe, but true! I couldn’t keep my list to just one part of the day though…here are my top three favorites… BRIDAL DETAILS I love starting off the day with beautiful details! I consider […]

My favorite part of the wedding…


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You may have already gotten a hint of this… but I LOVE what I do! Documenting wedding days is such an honor!! Since you spend a LOT of time with your photographer on your big day, I want to make sure you really feel like you know me! So here are some basics… How I […]

Hey, I’m Kelly!

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Welp…I’m stating the obvious here when I say Easter looks quite different this year. Church from the coziness of our living rooms and couches just as your own family units. It’s all so surreal isn’t it. Hopefully it will be over soon enough and not something we ever have to get used to. But non […]

Easter 2020…

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